Institute for personal close protection

Pro-active Investigations 

IFPCP has a unique ability to identify and defuse Crime Risk pro-actively.  This is done through Pro-active identification and interception of African Communication and a active collection effort thereof.  The collected information is processed to identify the exact nature and scope of defuse. The information is processed by computer to put a larger image of the information in place.

IFPCP’s knowledge of the crime structure and functioning, backed by our experience, confirms to occurrence of parallel criminal structures that parasitize on existing business structures. IFPCP also has the unique ability to identify these structures, to put informative pictures of the structures and mode of functioning together, to enable structures to be unbundled.

IFPCP supports the customer in identifying potential African Communication, as it manifests and develops through the different phases.  The  client is made aware of different types of activities, possible early warnings of African Communication, and to be aware of it.

IFPCP also analyze African Communication at the request of the consumer in the risk area. This analysis can be done reactively to determine what happened and who was involved with it.

IFPCP offers courses to teach interested parties in identifying African Communication and how to accurately reflect the planning, risk dates and times so that it can be identified.

IFPCP has a reaction team ready for counter intervention of a set act that was read and set out with African Communication Signs