Institute for personal close protection

Polygraph Examinations

IFPCP uses computerized Polygraph Instruments. Our Polygraph Examiners are trained by Schools that is accredited with the American Polygraph Association and register with: The Southern African Polygraph Federation (SAPFED) 

Polygraph examinations can be utilized in different circumstances i.e.: 

 Pre - employments: when a candidate for employment is tested to verify his/her integrity and to determine if  they were involved with previous illegal activity.

  •  Periodic examinations: employees are tested randomly on a periodical basis for their honesty in their working environment.  This type of testing is normally used deterrent in the current workplace and also as a tool to determine stock loss at an early stage.
  • Specific examinations: When a specific incident occurred i.e. theft, fraud, hijacking, robbery, etc.   The examiners are then tested for their knowledge and/or possible involvement  regarding the incident.



Polygraph testing is both a preventative measure and an investigative tool. We'll help you vet prospective employees or find out what you're not being told. It's quick and affordable. Polygraph examinations, like other scientific and forensic tests, can take the form of either diagnostic test or screening tests. Confessions are easier to get than with normal questioning / interrogation methods.


Screening tests

Include all tests conducted in the absence of a known incident, known allegation, or known problem.

·         Pre-employment polygraph testing can expose undetected previous workplace crimes for which no paper trail exists. Now it's easier to make safe hiring decisions. Uncover traits which could jeopardize your business. Pre-employment polygraph testing can reveal substance abuse, financial problems, and qualification fraud etc.

·         Periodic polygraph testing is a preventative measure. It reduces theft and fraud by identifying compromised individuals and reveals the people who deserve your trust. It's your psychological shield against greed, corporate malpractice, and the probing intentions of criminal syndicates.

·         Domestic polygraph examinations help you save relationships worth saving, and cut ties where suspicions are justified. Whether you suspect your domestic worker of theft, a family member of drug abuse, or a spouse of infidelity, we'll help you back on the road to domestic bliss. 

Diagnostic polygraph testing

Diagnostic examinations involve the existence of a known problem, in the form of symptoms, evidence, allegations, or incidental circumstances that suggest an individual may have some involvement, for which the examination results are intended to support a positive or negative diagnostic conclusion

·         Diagnostic polygraph testing differs from other examinations because questioning is incident specific. It gives you a chance to uncover hidden truths, find out which witness or suspect statements are likely to be deceptive, and speed your investigation toward a successful close.