Institute for personal close protection

Our Team

Our team has all-together more than 30 years experience in fighting crime and unlawful acts by people that don’t want to abide by the law. Our team has years of experience in serving several forces all over the world, South Africa, South West Africa, Iraq and Afghanistan. Some of the faces (on the photo’s) have been hidden for their own safety as they work undercover from time to time.


Many organizations try to ignore any security measures necessary, due to capital expenditure. An organization would run the risk of trying to absorb quality service from a mediocre service provider whose vision would be that of focusing merely on cost, instead of a good combination of cost; quality and risk.  This will result in a 
disoriented, low-standard service which will give rise to potential loss situations and possibly termination of said service.  Therefore the price for security service we render, is based upon the aforementioned winning combination.